ZERONE, the Leader in the 2023 Decentralized Financial Derivatives Track

ZERONE is the top global blockchain system, a decentralized solution to Crypto all token contract transactions.

The four core values of ZERONE platform make ZRO become the next 100x1000x TOKEN.


ZRO is the native governance pass of ZERONE platform, the total number of 1 billion issued, unlimited deflation mechanism, 20% of the platform fee + platform foundation to build top100LP 50% of the proceeds to buy back ZRO for destruction, the value-added space is huge. holders of ZRO pass can get ZERONE governance voting rights or choose to pledge the pass to get rewards.


1, the market just need – let the market 18000 kinds of tokens can participate in bitcoin, ethereum and other perpetual contract transactions, simple and easy to operate.

2, huge volume – in the case of Coinan, for example, its 2022 only 100 kinds of mainstream tokens contract trading fee earnings of $12 billion, and ZERO ONE can realize all tokens contract trading, huge volume.

3, high-frequency trading – contracts have natural advantages over spot, with high trading frequency and added leverage, and their participation is therefore more enthusiastic.

4, the world’s first – in the decentralized track, the first means to occupy the absolute leading advantage, as the project side into the industry will become the absolute oligarch!

ZERONE airdrop officially opened.

ZRO as a platform governance TOKEN, the biggest highlight of its economic model is that it can be [repurchased and destroyed] with its [fee profit], so the ZRO held now will all bring us endless returns in the near future.


ZRO acquisition channel.

The reward channel for ZRO is very rich, in addition to participating in real-time mining of transactions to get rewards, you can also get ZRO rewards through the accumulated volume of transactions on ZERONE, and LP liquidity providers can also get a certain percentage of ZRO used as its reward for providing liquidity. The current ZERONE also opens up airdrop rewards for early community building.

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